sabato 27 aprile 2013

IAEG XII CONGRESS, Torino - Italy 2014 (IAEG 50th Anniversary)
Engineering Geology for Society and Territory

Session 7.3 - Geoethics and natural hazards: communication, education and the science-policy-practice interface

(la sottomissione dei riassunti è chiusa)

Descrizione della sessione (in inglese):
Among the critical ethical issues faced by Geoscientists and Engineers concerned with natural hazards (e.g. earthquake, volcano, landslide and flood events) is the increasing death toll and cost owing to rapidly growing population, occupation of marginal/unsafe land, and misuse of land. This problem is often aggravated in developing countries. Many natural disasters can be prevented and/or their impact reduced. We must share and communicate our knowledge more effectively with all private and public stakeholders involved, paying attention to providing balanced information about risks and addressing inevitable uncertainties in natural hazard mapping, assessment, warning, and forecasting. The search for balance between short-term economic issues and wider social impacts from natural hazards is an increasingly urgent need. The scope of this session is to raise awareness on the above issues and foster greater interdisciplinary collaboration that is needed to fulfill our ethical obligations.

Convener: Silvia Peppoloni
Co-Conveners: Janusz Wasowski, Giuseppe Di Capua, Tom Dijkstra, Peter Bobrowsky, Meng Wang

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mercoledì 3 aprile 2013


European Geosciences Union 2013 - General Assembly 
(Vienna, 7-12 April 2013)

Session NH9.8
Geoethics and natural hazards: 
the role and responsibility of the geoscientists 

WEBINAR gratuito: 
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Convener: Silvia Peppoloni
Co-Conveners: Susan W. Kieffer, Janusz Wasowski, Ezzoura Errami, Elizabeth Silva, Meng Wang

Grazie al supporto dell'American Geosciences Institute (AGI) ed in collaborazione con lo Young Earth Scientists (YES) Network, l'International Association for Promoting Geoethics (IAPG) è lieta di invitarvi al Webinar gratuito della sessione NH9.8 "Geoethics and Natural Hazards", che si svolgerà il giorno 9 aprile 2013 all'EGU 2013 (Vienna, Austria).
Il Webinar consente di partecipare alla sessione utilizzando una connessione Internet. Sarà così possibile seguire i relatori in audio-video e proporre le proprie domande attraverso un moderatore in sala. 
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